Skills For Success

Make Your Future Today with Skills for Success


With our training partners and experts from industry, Skills for Success provides training that is completely aligned with the individual personality traits and skills requirement. Alongside, We also mentor and coach people to realize their respective dreams.


Customized Training

The trainings provided by Skills for Success are designed according to the individual skill requirements of every person. Our skills trainings are based on the assessment that takes place prior to the joining of candidate to the training programme.


Pre-Admission Assessment

This Assessment is done on one-to-one basis or in groups which includes Skill Assessment and various other assessments



Skills for Success provides continuous mentoring/coaching to its trainees to help them realize their dreams. We also help people to make effective use of skills that they acquire at their trainings


CV preparations

CV is your first chance of making a good impression on the potential employer. Skills for Success helps you in writing and preparing CVs in the best way with the right format, content and information, which can boost your chances of getting the job you want


Career Building Events

Skills for Success send its trainees to career building events organized by Microsoft, Cisco and other partner organizations which helps them in their personal and professional development


Weekend Away Courses

Skills for Success facilitate its users in every possible way. We offer Weekend Away Courses for people who can only manage a training on the weekends only



Along with training, Skills for Success also make arrangements for the possible placement of its trainees up to one month at a local company