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Communication Skills

Communication skills are very important in one’s professional life. Skills for Success helps you in developing and improving your communication skills with our professionally designed training


In Communication Skills training, you will learn:


- 7 Cs of Communication

- Business Communication

- Planning and Structuring your Communication

- Negotiation, persuasion and influential communication

- Common mistakes of Communication

- Communication in difficult times


Get the job, Keep the job, Ace the job

The focus of Employability Training is to develop employable skills. These skills are necessary for securing a job – of your choice, keeping the job and being successful on the job. In times of high unemployment, from a large pool of applicants – Employers choose those having well-formed employable skills





- People who want to brush up their skills whether they are looking for a job or already doing a job

- People who wish to switch or change their profession

- Job seekers

- Fresh candidates



The special features of our Employability Training are:

Time Management

Time is the biggest asset for every professional. You can never succeed at work if you don’t manage your time effectively. Skills for Success helps you in developing your “Time Management” skill with our well-designed training.


In Time Management Training, You will learn;


- Valuing time

- Setting Goals

- Prioritization

- Preparing To-Do list

- Managing Activity  Logs/Scheduling

- Multitasking

- Action plan

Decision Making

Decision making is very important in everyone’s professional life. Weather its about securing a job, keeping a job or managing work at the job, you have to make several decisions at every step. Your success or failure depends on your decision. For this reason, Skills for Success helps you develop “decision Making” skill, in order to make effective and successful decisions in professional life.


In Decision Making Training, you will learn;


- Base of a good decision

- Decision making models

- Financial decisions

- Evaluating different options

- Effect of ethics and values on decision making

- Decision making in difficult times

- Group decision making


Leadership Skills

You can become a good leader in your profession by developing your “Leadership Skills” with our well-designed training


In Leadership training, you will learn;


- Leadership qualities

- General leadership

- Becoming a good leader

- Leadership styles

- Emotional Intelligence

- Self-motivation

- Crisis management


Recruitment Skills

Human Resource Management or HR is a function, which is concerned with the management of employees in the organization. Skills for Success brings you a professionally designed “Human Resource Management” training, that helps you in becoming an effective HR personnel


In Recruitment Skills, you will learn;


- Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

- Recruiting, interviewing and selecting employees

- Training & Development of employees

- Motivation & Assessment of employees

Technical Trainings and Certification

Besides the soft skills training, under employability training, we bring you the Technical Trainings and Certifications which helps you in improving your credentials


In Technical Trainings and certifications, you can get;


- Cloud Training – Amazon Web services

- Cisco Training – CCNA, CCNP

- Microsoft Training (MCSA, MCSE, MSA, Office 365)

- 3CX – Telecom Certifications

- Antivirus & Security

- Hardware – Hands on training




Project Management

Whether your goal is to learn basics of Project management or become certified project manager, Skills for Success has the training you need


In Project Management Training, you will get;


- ITIL  2011 training & exams preparations for foundation exams

- Prince2 Training & Exams

  • Exam preparation for Foundation

  • Exam Preparation for Practitioner

- Agile  Training & Exams

  • Exam preparation for Foundation  

  • Exam Preparation for Practitioner

CV Writing and Interview Skills

This training will help you in equipping yourself with the right tools and confidence required for your job search or next career move. Besides, Skills for Success also helps candidates in obtaining job interviews and possible placement for up to 1 month with local companies.


In CV Writing and Interview Skills training, you will learn;


- Components of a CV

- How to write a CV

- Understand your past experience when applying for a job

- Prepare effectively for a job interview

- Physical Presentation for job interview

- Be confident during Q&A session

- Ask for feedback


Market Experience

With Skills for Success you can get general market experience or industry specific market experience through;


- Workshops & Webinars

- 2 days external training on coaching

- Visiting networking events



Employability Training

“Formal education will make you living; Self-education will make you a fortune” – Jim Rohn