Skills For Success

Who We are?

Skills for Success is a training and consultancy company, based in the United Kingdom.  We help people from around the world in enhancing success and pursuing their continued development in life and career through right skills development.


Our aim is to help people transform their lives regardless of race and creed. For this reason, we have completely tailored training programs, which are designed according to the individual skills requirements and personality traits



What We do?

  • We match individual personality traits and goals with skills requirement


  • We train people in mainly soft skills and specific technical skills, with industry’s best practices and award certifications


  • We help top managers, middle managers and other professionals to enhance their skills and become more effective at their job roles


  • We help people become employable


  • We mentor people on using their skills to become successful in their lives and professions

Our Core Values

Excellence and quality in training

At Skills for success we compromise on ‘not less than’ excellence in all our services especially training


People development and transformation

We believe in development and transformation of lives regardless race and creed


Innovation in training & development

At skills for success we believe in innovative ideas, methodologies and ways of training and development



We believe that there is no success in the world without respect. It is very well said that“….give yourself permission to change your world and others around you in a positive way, with love and R.E.S.P.E.C.T”



At Skills for Success we believe that“ ACCOUNTABILITY is the glue that ties COMMITMENT to RESULTS ”


Community well being

At skills for success, we strive for the well being of our community through our services

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day” - Jim Rohn